Eye in the Sky Sports - What We Do

Eye in the Sky Sports specializes in live streaming and video on demand sports. We partner with high schools and sports complexes and provide them with an easy solution for live streaming and recording their events. Our partners may also use our camera to live stream and record other events they host such as band/choir concerts, graduations, etc. Our live and on demand events are available to anyone with an internet connection via Pay-Per-View online. We share a portion of our revenue with each location based on how many tickets are purchased during their events.

We partner with High Schools, Universities, Sports Organizations, and more... to provide them with the easiest and most affordable live streaming and video on demand solution available. After installation and importing schedules into our software, the work is done! Our cameras are equip with pan, tilt, and zoom functionality. Our partners may take advantage of this functionality by controlling our camera during events to zoom in and follow the action. This providers their viewers with a much better experience and also enhances the teams game film to review after events are complete.


Partner Schools


Live Events Streamed


Profits Shared With Schools

Sample Videos

The camera we install is capable of Pan-Tilt-Zoom functions which allow schools the opportunity to control the camera during events. It is not required to control the camera during events, though it will give a much better experience to your viewers as well as better event film to show your teams, breakdown stats, etc.. Here are two examples of basketball events. One where the school controls the camera to zoom in and follow the action, the other where the camera stays stationary throughout the event.


"With students from all over the world, Eye in the Sky Sports has provided the opportunity to share events with parents and family that would never have the opportunity to see their son or daughter play. The pan-tilt-zoom camera is easy to operate and allows us to zoom in and follow the action, which or viewers love!"

- Phil Tallman
Wayland Academy Athletic Director


This is a sample event from Wisconsin Dells Highs School in which they did not move the camera to follow the action. This event required absolutely zero human interaction for starting the stream, starting the recording, uploading game film, etc... After completion of this event all AD's, Coaches, and Players have access to this recording automatically delivered to their coaches corner accounts.

Coaches Corner(Tutorials Coming Soon)

Our Coaches Corner is our back-end management platform for Athletic Directors/School Administrators, Coaches, and Athletes. Each Director, Coach, and Athlete will has their own individual account where they receive access to their event film. Directors have the ability to edit /add events to their live streaming schedule.

How It Works

  • One-Time Camera Installation in your gymnasium
  • Camera will capture whole court and a scoreboard
  • Control the camera to follow the action during events (optional)
  • We will import your initial schedule of events, you can control your schedule in your coaches corner panel
  • Our software will automatically live stream and record your events based of your schedule
  • Stream ANY EVENT, not just sports. Graduation, choir concerts, assemblies, etc...
  • Athletic Directors, Coaches, Players receive unlmitted access to their teams events in their coaches corner panels.
  • Family, Friends, and Fans can tune it live on any device from anywhere in the world!

School Pricing


Pay-Per-View Streaming For Viewers

$500 / Year

  • Viewers Purchase Tickets to Watch Events
  • School Receives 30% of Ticket Sales Each Year


FREE Streaming For Viewers

$1000 / Year

  • FREE Streaming for Viewers
  • No Profit Sharing

* Eye in the Sky Sports will install the first camera at no additional charge*
Additional cameras (multiple gyms) may be installed at a one-time $500 fee.